Famous and historical London casinos

When visiting an old city like London, one expects to partake in many historical sites. For instance, you can expect to see the Parliament building, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and more. Many other facilities within London's central sphere also have historic roots given the age of the city. This would include the array of land based casinos found within the various parts of London.

One of the longest running casinos within the country is the Grosvenor Victoria Casino. First opened in 1964, this casino is referred to by many people simply as 'The Vic'. Upon opening its doors, it was definitely the casino to visit and in fact, many American's would take the flight over the pond to be able to gamble here. Today, the Grosvenor Victoria Casino is the largest London casinos and offers one of the best varieties of table games. The poker room which resides in the casino is the one of the most recognizable games rooms in the world. Hundreds of players can congregate here at any given time to join in the poker playing and among the other table casino games; the Vic also features one of London's only dice tables or craps the only other way to get a go at these games if in London would be at an online casino like Lucky Nugget .

Another historic casino within London is the Hippodrome. Whilst the casino within the building has only been in existence since 2012, the structure is quite old and has been used throughout history for a variety of other purposes. For instance, the casino has been used as various theaters and music halls since its construction in 1900. The current Hippodrome Casino offers gamers a total of four floors of gaming, counting the basement floor. Also included in the casino is an exclusive Gold Room. Despite its short time in operation, the Hippodrome has already been awarded several accolades. Among these recognitions include the Best Land Based Casino at the Totally Gaming Awards.

3 Must-Visit Artistic Communities

3 Must-Visit Artistic Communities

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If you're the type of traveler who enjoys theatre, live music, crafts, and art galleries, taking a trip to a small artistic community may be one of the most interesting vacations you've ever planned. Sure, there are plenty of high-profile art scenes in cities like New York and Los Angeles, but hitting one of the smaller cities could prove to be even more memorable than you ever imagined.

Laguna Beach, California

The seaside resort city of Laguna Beach is known for being prized as an art community in Orange County. This community features a variety of organizations dedicated to the arts, including the Community Art Project, Laguna Beach Craft Guild, Laguna Outreach Community Arts, and the Laguna Playhouse.

The community has several events throughout the year, such as the First Thursdays Art Walk, the Laguna Dance Festival, and the Sawdust Art Festival. Art lovers can stay at one of the welcoming Laguna Beach hotels, which serve as quiet retreats in the off-seasons. Going in the wintertime also ensures that you have the beach all to yourself.

Cape Ann, Massachusetts

This artistic destination includes four communities along the waters of Cape Ann, including Essex, Rockport, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Gloucester. Cape Ann is also one for the history buffs, since it's also the country's oldest art colony. Generations of artists have found renewal and inspiration along its shores, and these communities continue in that tradition today.

Visitors to Cape Ann's art communities can find airbrushing companies, marine models, art galleries, independent artisans, fine art and framing, pottery, sculptures, and handmade jewelry, to name a few of this region's impressive offerings.

Asheville, North Carolina

Tucked away in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is one for both artists and nature lovers. This eclectic, funky small city features whimsical shops, drum circles on the street, craft fairs, street performers, art and cultural museums, art studios, and art walks. You can even expect live music and even belly dancing in some of the downtown eateries.

While downtown holds its own artistic charms, you can't go wrong with venturing beyond the heart of the city into the River Arts District, where artisans sell their wares, open their studios to the public, and demonstrate their work. Annual events in Asheville include the Arts & Crafts Antique Show, the Fire on the Mountain Blacksmith Festival, Fiber Weekend, and Bele Chere, a free street festival that also happens to be the largest of its kind in the Southeast.

Planning an artistic tour of any of these communities will ensure a vacation that is worlds away from the typical getaway.

Arts, Culture & Annual Festivals Nearby Laguna Beach Hotels

Arts, Culture & Annual Festivals Nearby Laguna Beach Hotels
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When you holiday at Laguna Beach and stay at Laguna Beach Hotels, there are a number of artistic, cultural and festive activities that you can enjoy.

Laguna Beach is a beach resort and an artist community centre that is located in the Orange country in the United States. It is an ideal resort for one to have fun due to its warm Mediterranean climate that offers its visitors ample sunshine. Its location is near various eye catching coastal geographical features such as the Laguna woods, the Pacific Ocean and Crystal Cove State park.

Its proximity is also near the Main Beach Park where folks can do some shopping and take dinner at the local boutiques and hotels respectively. The area has grown to be a resort town and a destination that most tourists wish to visit. Tourists who visit the beach get to enjoy the farmers market day that is held every Saturday at the Laguna Beach Lumberyard shopping centre. It comprises of local produce and various artisan goods.

The Laguna Beach consists of an art museum that comprises of various California arts. Other attractive sites include the Laguna playhouse and the non-profit based Marine mammal centre which is a rehabilitation institute that secures stranded marine mammals. With such features this is the ideal beach to visit for either a vacation or adventure.

The Laguna Beach holds annual arts and culture festivals that display the work done by both local and international artists. The summer art festival is the most popular event that entails the festival of arts, Sawdust art festival, the Pageant of the masters and the Art-A-Fair. Other events include: live concerts, craft shows, theatre and art workshops.

The Festival of the arts which is held from July to August at the Canyon Park that is near the ocean is a show that requires its exhibitors to show their arts up to the required standards. This offers new artists to show case their work which is an important aspect in advertising and obtaining promising customers. The Pageant of the Masters is a stage presentation of tableaux vivant that are art recreations drawn to match the original pieces. The stage performances involve narrations, professional orchestra and an outdoor amphitheatre.

The Sawdust art festival is a festival that involves an exhibition of art created at the Laguna Beach that is attended by art fans, collectors and artists. It offers a ground where artists exhibit and also sell their creations. The Art-A-Fair is an event intended for upcoming artists that brings together many international artists. It involves the presentation of certain media such as: water or oil colour paints, digital art, sculptures, and glass mixed media.

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