Trips to Kenya For Humanitarian Aid

Volunteer trips to do humanitarian work can be very fulfilling. Recent participants in the CHOICE Humanitarian program, based in Salt Lake City, recommended the program to others as a way to experience the authentic culture of a place, and to have an inspiring trip. The CHOICE program organizes two trips, to Nepal and Kenya, in concert with a Washington DC-based organization that specializes in humanitarian trips for young volunteers.

Although many of the volunteers are members of Christian groups, the trips are not limited this this demographic. The organizations have also sponsored trips to Bolivia and Guatemala in the past. Volunteers say they are impressed with the village-based approach of the program. The groups go in and teach villages how to do things on their own, and the villages 'graduate' from the program when they become self-sustaining. The villages are asked to come up with their own projects, and villagers contribute to the projects by working with volunteers and providing materials.

Photo source eguidetravel