The makers of Travala Probiotic claim that by taking their product you can reduce the likelihood of contracting the dreaded "travellers tummy" from 20 – 50% to only 5%. The products maintains digestive health and immunity while travelling by increasing the incidence of so called friendly bacteria. It costs £7.49 of a pack of 30 capsules and the makers recommend that you take 2 capsules a day for a week before departure and continue with 2 a day during your trip, upping this to 4 a day if you are one of the unlucky 5% who are afflicted. A probiotic solution to travellers tummy
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I think there is probably a large potential market for this product as an increasing number of travellers are heading for locations such as Egypt and India where there is more chance of a bout of "travellers tummy". I know that my sightseeing trips in morocco were curtailed by an upset stomach.

There are three basic preventative steps you should take:
1 Frequent hand washing
2 Avoid raw foods
3 Avoid tap water

I'd be interested to hear if you have tried Travala Probiotic and if it lived up to its claims.