Air Asia X

With the availability of budget flights — whether on economy (no-frills) or business (all-frills) — that serve the UK, one cannot help but wonder the percentage of UK-residents who don't go the budget airline way.

There are numerous airlines serving the route of Europe. A few business airlines have been flying passengers to 2 major cities in the USA, Washington and New York. UK passengers are also starting to enjoy the possibility of traveling to Asia (particularly, Hong Kong) without having to break their budget.

Soon, a new airline will be serving Asia, just like Oasis Airlines.

Air Asia X, a brain-child of Malaysian aviation entrepreneur Tony Fernandes, is set to compete with Oasis Airlines Hong Kong. Flights from Gatwick to HongKong will be priced at £75, for one-way travel. In the future, flights from Stansted or Manchester to Kuala Lumpur will also available.

Gatwick to Hong Kong in October with one-way prices starting at £75. Fares from Britain to Kuala Lumpur, on the other hand, will be priced at around £100 each way.

"AirAsia X will be a collaboration between AirAsia, the region's biggest low-cost carrier, and Fly Asian Express, or FAX, a small airline serving rural routes in Malaysia."