An Ice Oasis in Dubai


When thinking of Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, the vision of the burj al arab and sand dunes come to mind. One can only dream of finding a cold (or shall I say freezing) refuge in the desert. But look no further because Dubai has joined in on the Ice Bar bandwagon.

The ice bar called Chillout is made out of 40,000 tons of ice in the Times Square Shopping center. Temperature is set at 5 degrees Celsius in the Buffer Zone area (lobby and lounge) and minus 6 at the rest. Visitors should spend a few minutes in the Buffer Zone to get acclimatised .

Everything from the plates to the seats to the bar are made of ice which was made possible by the Canadian firm Iceculture Inc.

Unfortunately, when in Chillout, one cannot order the normal cocktails, just the substitute Mocktails. The $17 cover charge entitles you to a drink and use of a hooded parka, gloves and insulated shoes.

via The Informed Traveler & Dubai World