Discover Britain with sat nav audio visual tours
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Road Tour
offer audio visual tours for use in your sat nav or mobile to help you discover Britain.

There is the Road Heritage Tour which has details of over 600 heritage sites through the UK with a one to two minute description of each site. If you purchase the Great British Heritage Pass you'll gain free admission to more than 500 historic sites in the UK. which are all included in the Road Heritage Tour.

Sawday's Pubs & Inns gives you the lowdown on 900 of the best pubs in England and Wales. Harden's Restaurant Guide gives you access to reviews of over 3000 restaurants throughout the UK with ratings for food, service and atmosphere.

The audio visual tours are available to download or as CDs and prices start at £8.

If you are a visitor to the UK there is the option to hire a sat nav with the Heritage and Pubs and Inns preloaded with prices from £40 for 4 days.

This could be a pretty useful resource, avoiding the chance getting lost and the need for careful pre-planning.