Facebook, Travel and Your Home Security System

Facebook. Twitter. Google Buzz. If you don't have an account with at least one of these, you probably have been living under a rock. It took me some time to warm up to it, and even now I can't say I'm fully into it, but I find it really cool to be able to tune in to my friends' and family's lives, geography notwithstanding.

When my friends and folks go on holidays, I see their travel updates from the time they choose destinations until they're back, and every development in between. I see their holiday photos, uploaded minutes after being taken, it feels almost like being there with them.

But do you see how dangerous social networks could be? By announcing details about their location, activities and plans, Facebook and Twitter users become easy target for burglars. You may have a security system installed, but what would alarms do when you're away, happily sipping your piƱa colada on some island in the Caribbean?