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Since the Obama's visited Ghana back in July that country has gotten more attention as a tourist destination than at any point in recent memory. And as the NY Times points out, Ghana has a lot to offer tourists. Laban Carrick Hill describes a visit there:

The Coconut Grove is one of Ghana's premier resorts, and the prices seemed unbeatable: $150 (major hotels prefer payment in American dollars) a night for the executive suite with a bedroom, living room, kitchenette and a spectacular view of the gulf; much less for singles and doubles. At the beachside restaurant I ordered grilled local tilapia with a fresh pepper, tomato and ginger relish and banku (boiled corn dough). The restaurant at the hotel is one of the best in the country and features seafood caught daily. I watched the sunset on the gulf, surrounded by Western and African diners relaxing after a busy day on the golf course or around town.

The Times article gives a deep glimpse into what Ghana has to offer. The country is well worth a visit.