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Research just out by Bebo illustrates that the traditional gap year is shrinking to around 6 months, mainly due to the financial concerns and constraints of student travellers.

I'm surprised that many young people can even afford to take a six month trip. Our twin sons are about to enter their final year at university and even in Scotland where they don't have to pay tuition fees they will each have accumulated a debt to the Student Loan Company around £12,000 plus interest during their four years as students,

That's leaving aside the £30,000 plus that we will have provided in financial support to our sons during their four years courses. Therefore I don't think it's just the youngsters whose travel plans are being thrawted, the parents have little disposable income to indulge their wanderlust.

Are you a parent of student(s) who's finding that your offspring's education is having a serious impact on your leisure and travel spending, especially in the current high inflation environment?