My Marrakesh

Marrakesh (also Marrakech or the Red City) is a city in the southern part of Morocco surrounded by snow-peaked Atlas mountains. Tourists flock to this African city to experience the real Morocco.

Interested in visiting Marrakesh? Wikipedia has a list of what you can do and what you can expect to see.

However, if you'd rather read more than what cookie-cutter guidebooks have to say, I suggest that you visit My Marrakesh. It's an intriguing and amusing insider's glimpse of this famous African city. A relatively new blog that is full of promise.

"Life, culture, style, shopping. And a couple of belly dancers thrown in there for good measure…."

It's a blog written by an American whose family is building a guest house in Morocco. Surely, the more Maryam and her family discover, the more WE will read and learn about it over at My Marrakesh.

My suggestion? Come back for more… before and after your trip to Morocco!