Shenzhen financial district

I was reading Gridskipper last night and came across an excellent post on Shenzhen.

I don't think often about the special economic zone near Hong Kong. But Shenzhen is large (more populous) than New York City, and it's China's richest city. But tourism to Shenzhen suffers greatly from the shadow of nearby Hong Kong…

Shenzhen dates back to the early 1400's when it was a Ming Dynasty fishing village. In the 1970's Deng Xiao Ping's economic policies resulted in Shenzhen becoming one of China's economic hot spots. The city is also home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

China's domestic tourism market sends a lot of vacationing Chinese citizens to Shenzhen. Lianhua (Lotus) Mountain Park is an interesting place to visit on Sunday mornings in Shenzhen. Locals go there for everything from ballroom dancing to belly dancing. Therapeutic laughing and tai chi are also on the menu. But China's tourists go to Shenzhen for many of the same reasons that Western tourism go to any major city at home – to see the architecture, shop, eat out, and maybe take in a show.

If you're in Hong Kong anyway, check out Shenzhen. You may like it…

Photo source gruntzooki