Travel Slogans

Big corporations usually use slogans to express their aim or nature of business. Catch phrases are created to capture consumers' attention in advertising. Some also use it to establish branding or create an image.

Some slogans are so successful that people would immediately associate their product with the slogan.

In the travel industry, "I Love New York" has been used for decades to promote tourism in – where else but… – New York City. It's so successful that it is now a pop culture icon.

Now, let's look at some other slogans in the travel industry. Let's see if they are as successful as the "I Love NY" branding.

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a) "So where the bloody hell are you?"
b) "Don't just travel. Travel right."
c) "Stay with someone you know"
d) "The Happiest Place on Earth"
e) "What happens here, stays here."
f) "World's Largest Hotel Chain"
g) "No ordinary airline"

And then you have more obvious slogans:

"Incredible India!"
"Canada. Keep Exploring."
"Don't just book it. Thomas Cook it."
"Malaysia, truly Asia."
"Your Best Bet is a best western"
"Fly the Friendly Skies of United"
"Lufthansa. There's No Better Way to Fly"
"Catch the Spirit!"

So… do you think they above slogans successfully convey the kind of image they are aiming for?

Answers: a)Australian Tourism campaign launched in 2006 b)Expedia c)Holiday Inn d)Where else but… Disneyland! e)Las Vegas f)Best Western g)Virgin Atlantic Airways

slogan source: Wikipedia