If money is no object and you'd rather have more than just the standard luxury hotel trappings then, the Winvian in Morris, Connecticut is your best bet.

Even at US$1,950 per night (including meals), you'd be asking to stay at least 19 nights to Winvian. Yup, 19 times and each time, you'd be oohing and ahhing at the different kinds of cottages they have in store for you. And you can expect to be surprised each time because they definitely will not have something which you would normally expect from a resort.

You can check into the Secret Society (intimate and mystical), Helicopter (17,000 pound piece of restored machinery), Camping (minus the inconvenience), Treehouse, Library, Beaver Lodge, Stone (looks really cozy!!!), Industry, Artist, Hadley Suite (dates back to 1755) and the Greenhouse.

These 19 cottages are part of Winvian, an unusal hotel resort which recently opened in Litchfield Hills of western Connecticut. It's run by the heirs of the Merril Lynch fortune which tells you a lot how an eccentric vision such as the Winvian went beyond the drawing board.

It's an experiment which the moneyed folks with a sense of adventure and curiosity would definitely be interested in.